Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Frederick Finds

I have been to several new places in the past week, along with my new house-frau sidekick, Rebeccah. Saturday when we were downtown for a stroll and some lunch, we went into Two Paws Up, the pet supply store. It has everything you need for a dog or cat. They had chew toys that promised to be "virtually indestructable." Gracie eats all of her toys, so I decided to give these a try. Not only has she been unable to eat them, they also release a pleasant, minty smell when chewed. That feature benefits the entire family. They also had a wide selection of treats. I picked up a few and have used them to teach Gracie to sit. Frederick is definitely a dog town. People have their dogs everywhere. In fact, when we have Patch and Gracie somewhere together, people don't even notice Patch. It's a great store, and a very entertaining website, featuring a pin-up of the month. Hubba hubba. So come on up to Frederick, bring your dog, and eat on the patio of Brewer's Alley. It's totally allowed.

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spl said...

Eating on the patio at Brewer's Alley -- now THAT's something I'd like to do.