Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Harry Potter

Normally I discuss my weight loss on Wednesdays. With the wedding over the weekend, I didn't lose any, so instead, I'd like to discuss Harry Potter. My cousin posted a list of her favorite characters on her blog today, and it got me thinking: Is Snape good or bad? Most optimists, like Curly and Linz, view him as good. I am a realist (not a pessimist...), so I think he's still bad. Only time will tell. Time, and nearly 1,000 pages...While I like to speculate on what will happen, I don't like to know ahead of time. It ruins the book for me. JK Rowling has a great statement about that on her site.

I haven't even ordered the book yet. I am still trying to decide which midnight party to join. For the last book, we were in Cape Cod on a family reunion. Curly and I left the kids with his sister (they all slept) and we drove around until we found a bookstore. There was a bookstore next to the hotel, but she hadn't ordered any of copies of the book. So, we drove around until we found a mall that had a Barnes and Noble in it. I think it was the only mall and the only Barnes and Noble on Cape Cod...This year, however, with 3 different parties to choose from, there will be no driving around at 11:45, desperately searching for the book. However, there may be a fight as to who gets to read it first.


Kage said...

I had my weemee as a wizard for a few weeks, and I think that will have to return in August.

I went to get my book at midnight for Book 4, but ever since then, ordered it from Amazon b/c it arrives that cool.

I am rereading all the books right now, into Book 5 now, which is reminding me that it's VERY wordy, not a ton of action like 4.

A friend of mine thinks that Snape is so good, he is going to die saving Harry Potter's life in Book 7. I think HP is going to kick the bucket....can't wait to find out.

mk said...

Any muggle knows that you must order at least two books! I can hardly wait to find out. Here is what I think and no I don't have a life other than thinking up a better chapter of JK's!! Sirius comes back and Snape dies for Harry ending up proving that he isn't evil... I will cry if HP dies. That just isn't fair. I happen to love the twins so I hope they can conjure up some more trouble!!

Mare said...

I think there is a possibility that Snape might not be all bad... because I really trust Dumbledore, and he KNEW something about Snape that he never divulged. He had some reason to trust him.

I also hope we see some more antics by the twins. I'm getting ready to reread #6 so it is fresh in my head come July!