Monday, May 07, 2007

Doing it for Themselves

There's been something on my mind for the past week or so. I thought I would get it out here. When do we let kids do things for themselves? I'll give some examples here so you can know what I'm talking about.

Flower just turned 8. She's small for her age, but she's still 8. Curly and her mom want her to hold hands while crossing the street. I think she could probably do without that, as long as she had someone close by her. We live on a busy street, and I don't want anyone under the age of 12 crossing alone. Is she old enough to drop the hands, or should we still have her do that? When is she old enough to go it alone?

Mini-me likes me to help her go potty. She can do it on her own, but she doesn't like to. At one point do I let her wet her pants until she just does it on her own?

Patch still can't drink from a cup. Shocking, I know. I've had very well meaning parents give me tips and hints to get him using a sippy cup. Never mind that I have 2 older girls who somehow managed to drink from a cup. He's only 9 months. He doesn't feed himself yet. I still hold his spoon. He can feed himself crackers and peas and things like that, but he doesn't maneuver a spoon. Am I stunting growth?

Am I holding my kids back? I sure hope not. I think a lot of kids are made into mini adults too soon. I don't want them having myspace pages or cell phones. I want them to be little kids. I know someday I'm going to have to let go, and let them do it on their own, but for now, they're just my kids.


grandpatty said...

One day they will all get married and leave you. That's when they can stop holding your hand when they cross the street.

Anonymous said...

What! You mean Patch isn't reading and writing yet either! Mini-me isn't ready for her disertation and Flower hasn't completed her thesis? My goodness, what is going on here! ... Honesly, who cares what other's think. You do what you feel is right and as your mother says, one day you can hand them off to someone else.