Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Weight Loss Wednesday

I am a total loser today. Yea! I am down from my up of last week, and then some. Total loss is 5 pounds. A lot of that I can contribute to the bloated nonsense of Yasmin last week. But, my pill is regulating itself and I was not bloated this week. In losing, I am a winner.

When I got home, I got a call from the library that I had won a sponge throwing contest at gallery walk on Saturday. Gallery walk happens each first Saturday of the month. Stores stay open later and special activities go on. This month, the library was sponsoring the walk. So, at the Moby Dick station, I played a sponge throwing game, that was for grown-ups, and won a $100 gift certificate to the PariSpa. I think I may get a facial. That would be nice.


the highlight addict said...

Congrats on both!

JL said...

Who knew that eclairs, chocolate bottomed cupcakes and peanut butter tarts could assist in such a momentous weekly weight loss. We now have PROOF!

Linz said...

CONGRATS!!! And love the Easter pics too.