Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Letter to the Men of Frederick

To Whom it May Concern:

I know it is warm. Spring has finally arrived. One might even clasify this weather as "hot." However, it is not hot enough to take off your shirts. As I walked home with my two young children today, I was surprised to find a young man who had lost his shirt while walking the dog. Certainly 81 degrees is not hot enough to remove ones shirt while walking the dog, so I must assume that he met with foul play. Over the weekend I also saw several men doing yard work, again missing the clothes to cover their upper body. I am sure going topless feels nice. A cool breeze across a bare (or hairy) chest must feel good. But, please, let's confine that look to backyards and/or swimming pools. It is never hot enough to remove clothing in public, no matter what Nelly says.



Kimberly said...

The title of your blog totally grabbed me and I had to come take a peek. Peeking has turned into skimming through your posts with a smile on my face. Mind if I slip my bookmark in?

grandpatty said...

Did Grandma tell you to write this? You two are of one mind on this issue. Keep your shirts on fellas.

the highlight addict said...

I came across the same issue on Monday at Ballenger Creek Park. There was one fella with way too much body hair and body fat to ever take off his shirt--yet he felt like he should. Pools and beaches are one thing--anywhere else is totally disgusting!

jlk said...

Welcome aboard, Kimberly. Glad you're here. Love your blogs, too :)