Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Last night was so beautiful, Mini-me, Patch, and I walked down to pick up Curly from work. I love that he works 7 blocks away. When we arrived home (with me wishing I had a Joovy), I noticed a smell in the kitchen that was a bit off. I had just cleaned the kitchen that day, complete with a floor mop (well, swiffer mop), so I knew there was only one thing it could be. Poor Zoe had gone belly up. I was momentarily sad for poor Zoe. Would anyone like some fish food?

Later that evening, the world shifted on its axis, creating a situation where I, who know nothing about sports, won my family NCAA bracket. I beat my Grandpa, who I think has won more than he's lost in recent years. I beat my brothers, my sister, my parents, my grandma, my cousin, their friends. I beat my husband. Badly. I may never win again, and that's okay with me. It was fun to win this year. Pride is indeed a great currency.

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gradnpatty said...

A win you well deserve after all that ESPN watching, sport's section reading and college basketball following. Whatzat? Oh...You ARE lucky!