Monday, April 23, 2007

Busy Weekend

Where have I been? I've missed me.

Mini-me broke a tooth on Saturday. It was an unfortunate collision with a swing. The tooth fairy came, and brought her a Barbie DVD. Why not a quarter? She has no idea what a quarter is.

Here is her new smile. Yikes. It's just a baby tooth, so the new one will grow in perfectly. After this weekend, we are instating a new policy of mouthguards while playing.
After the mouth massacre, we went up to the Cactoctin Mountains to hike Cunningham Falls. It's a mile roundtrip, but as I was shirpa to Patch, it felt much longer and harder.
Round out the weekend with a healthy dose of church on Sunday, and you have yourself a busy weekend. We are so glad the weather is beautiful for the next few days. We have a park play-date today and more fun outside for the rest of the week. Spring might finally be here!


the highlight addict said...

Oh, it's not that bad!! When we were talking on Saturday night, I was picturing much, much worse! I chipped my own front tooth sort of like that about nine years ago. Of course, being permanent (and 23 years old at the time), I did have it fixed! However, I actually went on my first "real" date with Matt with that chip--I cancelled the dentist appointment to go out to lunch with him instead. I guess it was worth it. . . :)

grandpatty said...

I think she looks pretty cute. It will probably make her lisp :)