Thursday, April 26, 2007

Three for Thursday

Things happen in 3s. Here are mine.

Here is my list of my 3 favorite musicals. Hopefully it will make you want to sing!

1. Music Man. From "Trouble" to the Wells Fargo song, this is one catchy show. I also enjoy seeing all the different versions, because there is a different take in each one if Harold Hill really loves Marian. You know, the librarian.

Before I move on to #2, let's all act like Grecian Urns. trickle trickle trickle

2. Wicked. While it is an undisputed fact that no one mourns the wicked, this show really makes you think about who the wicked one was. Was it Galinda with a "ga" (flip flip)? Was it Elpheba? Was it her sister, the witch of the east who was just bitter a munchkin turned her down? Or was it the wizard, who wanted to control Animals and turn them into animals? It's a show that entertains, while also making you think. "Who can say if I've been changed for the better? Because I knew you, I have been changed for good."

3. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. This is a show I could watch over and over again. There's just something about singing about going courtin' and stealing a woman that just warms your heart. The main point of the show is that a woman can forgive anything if her man is cute enough and can dance the dickens around the town boys.


grandpatty said...

I'm with you on Music Man, but I also like Cats and Okalahoma -- not just because Curly rocked the part of, well, Curly but because once upon a time I was a member of the chorus in my junior high production. "Many a new day, ta da de dum..."

Kimberly said...

I adore Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! Love that you cut through the cuteness to the real point of it. You're funny!

Anonymous said...

You should have a blog!
Love, Grandpatty's sister

mk said...

You may never see this because the post will be so old! I love Wicked. And I felt the same... Who was wicked really? I am one to think that Elphaba was just misunderstood! I love that she did Defy Gravity. She is spunky...I think I have a little green in me as well. Love you tons