Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sick Again!

Mini-me just can't seem to shake it. It's driving me beyond crazy. Her temperature is 99.3 at the current moment, which I know isn't considered a "fever," but I think anything above normal is sick. She also has a delightful rash, which could be roseola, but it could also be ringworm. Don't click these links while eating or thinking of eating. But, I digress...Personally, I am hoping and praying for roseola. It's much quicker and less contagious to the rest of the house. All this to say she'll miss the preschool party today. It's a bummer to miss that, but she doesn't know because I haven't told her.

I am also missing my Jenny today. I don't really want to take that rash anywhere right now. Except, it did go to dinner with the grandparents last night. So sorry.

My question for today is this: would you like to recieve carolers Christmas Eve, or is that too disruptive? Please comment.


grandpatty said...

I like carolers on Christmas Eve.

Becca said...

I'm so sorry she's under the weather. What a bummer! As for the carolers, we always used to go on Christmas Eve, and I THINK people enjoyed it, but you can never tell. Personally, I'd love to have them.