Sunday, December 10, 2006

I Stink at Potty-Training and Birthday Monsters

It seems that I am a bit potty-training challenged. Mini-me refuses to go. We can sit her on the potty all day long, and she still wouldn't go. At first, I thought maybe she just lacked the control necessary to use a toilet. Now, I realize that she has control. In fact, she has so much control that she actually looked at Curly and said "I don't want to pee-pee in the potty. You just change my diaper, okay?" So, we are still changing her diaper. We don't want her to need therapy just because we forced her to go in the toilet at the tender age of 2.

Gracie, the puppy, also refuses to go where she needs to go. She will not go down to the grass unless she is physically carried. It's like she's looking at us and saying "I don't wan to go pee-pee in the grass. You just change my piddle pad, okay?" Not okay. You really can't treat puppies and kids the same. For example, they would call Child Protective Services on you if you rubbed your kids face in her puddle of pee on the floor, spanked her on the nose, and put her outside to go on the grass.

Mini-me is two weeks away from her 3rd birthday. She is so excited. My grandma sent her presents a couple of days ago, and Mini-me keeps walking around with them saying "This is my present. It's a cake!" Her party is going to be at Way Off Broadway for the children's theater production of Frosty the Snowman. Last night as I was putting her to bed, she said in her most excited voice, "Mommy! The monsters are coming to my birthday party!" I really hope not -- we only reserved 20 seats!

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grandpatty said...

If forced to choose I would have to say that Gracie will be housebroken before Mini-me. Where she gets that stubborn streak is beyond me. NOT!