Tuesday, December 12, 2006


This morning was a successful Jenny day. I am down another pound and a half. I am 1.2 pounds away from 25 pounds total. I am happy with the results, because it is a lot of work to lose weight. It's definitely a lot more fun to put it on than take it off.

I've often wondered at the example I'm setting for my kids. What are they picking up from my actions? I hope that from my weight loss and Jenny Craig membership, they don't see a mom who lacks self control and gets herself into trouble. Instead, I hope they see that even when you make a mistake, you can make it right. I hope they see that if they don't like something about themselves, or a situation they are in, hard work can change anything. And, I hope they know that my weight is not what's important. How I look is not what's important. The important thing is being healthy and happy on the inside.


grandpatty said...

What do I think your kids see? I think they see a mom who values her health and well being, who can stick to a goal, who is disciplined, and who is happy when she accomplishes something that is hard to do.
That's what I see, anyway. That and great collar bones.

Deborah Barnley said...

It has been great to read all your blogs,,, You all sound like you are enjoying life which is a good thing.. The Barnleys loved your xmas letter. and I agree with your Jenny... I to have been cutting back (ok not over xmas) but I have managed to loose 25lbs (ok had to pay for it) Nutrisystem. I found it worked great, not probs and the food did taste good. Lots the 25lbs in just under 3 months (Close your eyes men.... Dress size 16/14 now into a very cumfy 10. Wahay. still have another 15lbs to go and I hope I never find any of those lbs again...
Deborah at Deborahbarnley@hotmail.com