Sunday, December 03, 2006

More Projects Than...

If you finished that phrase with "you can shake a stick at," we might be related.

I finished my hats last night. Muchas gracias to Debbie for the help on those (I would link to her blog, but my links button has disappeared!!!). I did one for all three kids. They were so easy that the nieces and nephews are getting the same thing. The only time I can work on them is when kids and animals are asleep.

Last night I also finished the stockings. I added the ribbon to the girls stockings (had to go to the ribbon outlet for that. What an AMAZING place), and then added thicker ribbon to the inside to hide the seams. Then, I hung them on the 97 year old bannister, as we have no fireplace. They look great. I will post a picture as soon as picture posting capabilities return. What's up blogger??

I think I am ahead of schedule as far as projects go. I wanted to make ribbon belts for the girls, and I still need to pick up the hardware for that. I need to knit up the princess hat for Mini-me, which I have all the stuff for. I can even work on that in front of her. She never notices what I'm doing.

If I haven't said it before, this is a "Homemade Christmas." Santa will be bringing toys, but Mommy and Daddy are making everything else. Well, I say Daddy, but Mommy will make it and Daddy gets to put his name on the card. All joking aside, I am grateful that Curly is on board with this lofty dream of a homemade holiday and he gives me the time and help required to do all of it. Plus, his tips from Way off Broadway are paying for supplies.


Aaron & Debbie said...

i am not having problems with blogger, sorry. i also changed mine to beta. i hope you get to put your pictures up soon. the link to my site is glad to hear the hats were easy and fun to make. my boys love them, as so do i:)

jlk said...

It's back! For anyone else having issues, press ctrl+f5. It reloads the page and gets it back. Look for photos tomorrow!