Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Since I am on lifting and moving restrictions, I have had a lot of time to sit and stitch and surf the web. Percocet makes me slow with my stitching, and a little sleepy too. So I have surfed the web for cross stitch sites. I have found a "new" site that I like: all stitched up. When I look at a cross stitch site, I am looking for a couple of things. One is organization. I need to be able to search several different ways: by subject, by designer, by type (ie supplies, patterns, etc). The second thing I look for is current patterns. There are two major "markets" for cross stitch designers every year. A good site will update with new patterns after each market when designers release a bulk of their collection. (In case you wondered, a huge trend right now in stitching is silk thread on hand dyed linen.) Another thing I look for is easy ordering. I like to buy all my supplies from my local shop, but in case Wendy doesn't have it, knowing I can order from an easy, secure site is a good thing.

I like to stitch a variety of things. I like small, seasonal things that are cute. If it's a simple pattern, I like to stitch it on linen or use variegated floss. The variegated floss changes color as you stitch. It's just fun. For larger pieces that I will one day hang in my home, I like classic looking patterns. I do not like faeries or mermaids or angels with wings or anything mystical or fantasy. I also like to work with beads. I think they create a texture that floss alone cannot achieve, no matter how fancy the stitch.

One goal I have for my house this year is to finish at least half the attic to be my studio. I want to get a quilting table up there and have all my supplies organized. I also want drywall. We have plaster walls through the house, and hanging things is a pain. But if I have drywall in my studio, I could hang all my frames all year long and admire my work while I work.

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Grandma Judy said...

Wow! There's a whole lot more to cross-stitching than I ever knew existed. I'm glad you can keep yourself entertained, even if you are a bit loopy from your meds... Keep up the good work (well, as long as all that cross-stitching doesn't make you "cross" with Curly or cross-eyed in the process).

We're praying for a speedy recovery. Remember: God helps those who help themselves (to pain medication and seconds on chocolate).
Love from the kids' oldest grandma