Monday, June 25, 2007

3 Days Later

3 days after my surgery, I am still hopped up on Percocet and loving every minute of it. Having surgery has made me realize a few things about myself. Allow me to share those things with you.

1. I have a very low threshold of pain. I thought I had a high one, but no. It's extremely low.

2. I am not nice. They say your true personality comes out when you are under anesthesia. Here are some choice things I said while under the influence:

Curly: Is your throat sore.
Me: NO! Why would it be sore?

Curly: Are you sick to your stomach?
Me: NO! Why would you ask me that?
Curly: The nurse said you told her you were sick to your stomach.
Me: I did NOT say that! I SAID I was NAUSEOUS!

3. I have no idea what my pain level is on a scale of 1-10. I do know that it hurts like crazy when my dog wants to "cuddle" with me.

4. I am a big baby.

Thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts and words. I have loved the flowers and phone calls. And, thanks big time to Curly for putting up with me. And also for fixing my laptop connection so I could blog from the comfort of the pull-out couch in the living room.


La Hormiguita Cantora said...

Why did u have surgery? Are you sick?

I had surgery last december, so I know perfectly what are you talking about in your post, LOL.

Have a nice week

jlk said...

Yes, I had two cysts removed on Friday. Not a pleasant surgery...

Head-to-Tail Dogs said...

I had no idea. Get Well Soon! (but don't tell the doc...maybe he'll prescribe more Percocet)


Aaron & Debbie said...

sorry to hear you had to have surgery. i hope you get better soon.