Friday, June 29, 2007


I have never been one of "those moms." You know, the ones who don't let their kids watch television. I am a firm believer in Baby Einstein. How else are mothers expected to shower? Or make dinner? I love anything that comes out of Sesame Workshop. Clever, original songs, usually sung by puppets. How could you not love that? Mini-me sure does. Flower loves all things Disney. From Hannah Montana to Little Einsteins, she'll watch it all. But a few weeks ago, I decided to try something. I turned the tv off. I blame it on the hormones brought on by my cysts. The change has been nothing short of miraculous.

Now, I have very good kids. They go to bed, and stay in bed, at bedtime. They usually remember their manners. They keep us in line when it comes to family prayer and family home evening. They love to sing and dance and pretend. But, like most kids, they can be whiny and have temper tantrums and be a little naughty. Since turning the tv off, the whiny-temper-tantrum-naughtiness has been turned way down. The sing-dance-pretending has gone way up. They are still good kids, but they are even better now. Don't get me wrong. They are not perfect, but things run a little smoother in our house.

It is hard work to have the tv turned off. I have raided Michael's for Martha Stewart craft kits. I have stocked up on water colors and other paint kits. I have lots of kids music on my ipod. I am not a very good mom-on-the-go. I like to stay home; I always have. But with no tv, I have to plan more outings, or I will go crazy. We are so lucky to live where we do, because we have a great park behind our house, we can go for a walk downtown, we go swimming at a great pool, and we have fun friends to have play-dates with. And, because I am normal, Mini-me can watch a movie or a program every now and then, usually on Friday. She is on her best behavior to get that privilege.

Thanks to our parents for watching them this past week, and helping us with no tv. Our Harvard-bound kids thank you, too.


Kage said...

TRUE-DAT. Very brave of you to be doing amongst recovery too....I confess The Wiggles and Dora got me through my 6 weeks of meningitis.....I really should write them a letter.

jlk said...

Kage --

They've been at Grandma's and Grandpatty's houses for a week. I've had it easy :)

Anne Marie said...

I am one of those Mom's. Shane deemed me the TV Nazi. William never watched TV until I had Caroline and while I was in the hospital Shane introduced him not to TV but movies. It was an addiction that was hard to break but now we are back to no more than one hour of tv a day and that is the way I like life. Trips to the library for new books every week help keep our house sane. Thanks for saying what no one else does...turning the TV off in the house is work but worth it!!

GrandPatty said...

I am one of the brave Grandma's who kept the t.v. off last week. I discovered that it is a lot of work to keep a 3 1/2 year old engaged, but I learned that once directed to an activity she entertained herself. I was never a no-t.v. advocate when I was a mom, but Mini-me and I talked, sang and danced (!) together because I was a no-t.v. Grandma.