Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another Day, Another Painkiller

Yesterday, I tried to be the hero; I tried to go all afternoon without a painkiller. By 4:00, however, all bets were off and I took a Percocet followed by an Ibuprofen chaser. Apparently, I am not quite ready to give up my painkillers. An upside of them, besides the relief of pain, is the crazy dreams I have. For example, following my uncle on a scooter while he runs a marathon through a building sporting a Forest Gump-like beard.

My goal today is to maybe stretch the time between Percocets. I don't want to get hooked or anything. Another goal is to not kill my dog, who keeps jumping across my keyboard. I have complete confidence that one of those goals will be accomplished...


jean said...

Take those painkillers as long as neccessary jlk. Don't be a hero!

This is coming from the lady who upped her epidural dose three times before pushing, but hey.

grandpatty said...

I'd keep taking the painkillers AND kill the dog!