Thursday, June 28, 2007

And Then There Were 3

Curly picked up Flower yesterday afternoon. She's pretty low-maintenance, which is why she can be here and the younger kids are at Grandpatty's house. That, and she doesn't require lifting. While she loves her younger, high-maintenance, siblings, she is so excited to be the only kid at home. She keeps saying "Remember when it was just us?" Yes, do you? She is also full of great ideas. For example, she asked if we could go swimming today. I said that I couldn't swim because of my surgery. Her response? "That's great. You can sit and relax in a chair and I can swim." How could I refuse that?

Now when I said Flower was low-maintenance, I didn't mean she was quiet. She has been awake for about an hour and has talked non-stop the entire time. The only quiet we've had is while she chewed her breakfast. But, between bites, she chatted. I am sure when she's a surly teen full of angst, we will say "Remember when we couldn't get her to stop talking?"


Anonymous said...

I love your little picture with the dog. I'm worried about Poochie's safety nowadays..haha
Keep on trucking, love you.

mary ellen

grandpatty said...

That's what Papa Ken and I keep saying to each other -- remember when there were just two of us? Tee hee.