Monday, June 27, 2011

Halloween in June Idea

For those who are new to my life here on the internets, you may not be aware that I love Harry Potter. Wait, that doesn't seem like a strong enough statement. I don't know that what I have is necessarily an obsession, but it comes close. I have used the phrase "Dumble-dork" on more than one occasion. I have seen all the movies on opening day, the last 2 were seen at midnight. The first movie I was working for a Congressman in DC. I told my boss I had an "appointment." Technically, it was true. I had an appointment to see Harry. It was worth all the teasing when the truth was outed.

I have read the books more times than I care to admit. My pregnancy with Ginger was fraught with morning sickness for the first, oh, 18 weeks. I spent an entire week on the couch reading all 7 books. And then moved onto the Twilight series, which is post for another day. When we were at a family reunion on Cape Code, book 6 came out. I had one of the Spinster Sisters watch my kids while Curly and I went to get the book. At midnight. In fact, I have gotten most of the books at midnight, or had them delivered to my door first thing in the morning via amazon.

To sum up, I am a fan. The fact that the movie comes out while we are going to be on vacation has not escaped my notice. I doubt I'll be able to go at midnight, since the closest theater to us will be 40 miles away. It makes me sad. One thing I'll be doing with my kids before that is making wands. If that makes me a Dumble-dork, so be it.


patty said...

Have you read Harry Potter to Mini-Me?

Jackie said...

That is so cute and so funny!

The Boys Mommy said...

Hey Jana...I was just about to email you the pics from the bubble lady but I don't have your email saved.