Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Halloween in June, Day 1

Happy June! It's a hauntingly beautiful day here. Well, not really. It's as hot as Hades and probably more humid. I've got the crisp days of October on my mind. I'm ready for some creepy crafts. How about you?

I wanted to have a photo of the projects I'd like to do this month. But, my camera is not cooperating. It was in direct line of fire during the flood, so we need a new one. I have my eye on a lovely point and shoot over at the WalMart. Hopefully by Friday it will be in my hot little hands and I will be able to provide some pictures. For those who are playing along, Friday we'll have a little linky party to show what you plan on doing.

In my perfect world, I'd complete a project a week, giving me four new things for Halloween. I have a few pillows to make, a quilt kit to assemble, and maybe a vinyl project or two. In fact, there are several things here I'd like to make!

So grab the button and leave me a comment letting me know you're joining in the fun!


patty said...

Surprise! I'm knitting a Halloween sweater for Ginger! Well-- I AM!

Johanna said...

I am joining in but instead of doing things for Halloween (because we don't have that here...), I am doing things for christmas :) Should be fun to think about what I want to do when summer is just getting started!

Staci said...

Are you going to do a flicker pool where people can post photos of their Halloween Creations?

Sally from sally's angelworks said...

Ohhh I wasn't going to join in because I don't celebrate Halloween, but Johanna had such a great idea that I'm in!!! Thanks for the inspiration, babe!!