Saturday, June 11, 2011

etsy updates

Finally, I have added things to my neglected etsy shop. It's about dang time! I have a few new pencil rolls, and then a couple of my other best selling items. Thanks for looking!

Curly took the older three kids camping this weekend. I was supposed to go, but as I surveyed the growing stacks of laundry, I opted out. Ginger and I have had a delightful time. We ordered pizza, took a tubby, and then I had my girls over to drool over Edward and Jacob. It was great. The campers return sometime tonight. I have 3 loads of laundry to go, plus some dishes. And then, if there's time, I get to work on Curly's super secret Father's Day gift. That he asked for. And picked out the t-shirts for. At least I know what he wants, right?

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Karen said...

Sounds like you and Ginger had a wonderful time. Nice one. How are things re flood damage?