Friday, July 01, 2011

Wrap Up

A big thanks to everyone who participated in Halloween in June. Unfortunately, I didn't finish my project. So, we're going to continue all summer long. Sound good? Don't forget to head over to the flickr group and upload your projects.

Don't forget this week's tutorial over at The Quilted Fish. It Julie's turn, and she has come up with the cutest runner. It's perfect for this weekend. I need to whip one up! If you make any of the Design Team projects, or anything with this fabulous fabric, be sure to put your photos on The Quilted Fish flickr group!


Jamie Lee said...

I love the American Flag. It looks great and something my daughter would like to make with me. I'm glad to hear you are extending Halloween in far as I got was ordering my fabric and thinking of what I wanted to make. I am making a sheep quilt for my sil who knits, and as soon as that's finished I will be working on my Halloween quilt.

The family tradition you have for July 4th sounds really special. What a neat idea to have everyone sign the declaration. When the 4th weekend was over, my husband and I relaxing in bed on Monday night, I turned to him and remembered that we didn't even see any fireworks or do anything really to celebrate other than make a wreath for the front door. I don't know how we just let it all pass by (well maybe three kids under the age of 5 did it to us). So, maybe next year...

Mama Pea said...

That sounds good, because I picked up a couple of Halloween projects in the past few weeks, and one of them I'm dying to start. As soon as I finish something, I'm cutting it out. So, then I can play along! Yippee