Sunday, June 12, 2011

Preschool Graduation

A note came home on Tuesday saying there would not be a graduation this year, but instead the preschool would just be having a brief awards ceremony. Imagine our surprise when this walked in:
I am so glad I had my camera. The teacher asked if anyone knew why they were celebrating graduating. Patch loudly answered: "So long, preschool!" It was complete with a hand wave. This picture was taken right afterward. He looks pretty pleased with his joke:
But, most of the time he felt like this:
He and one little girl are moving up. They will both be at the same school for Kindergarten, which is pretty fun.
So there you go. Preschool cap and gown graduation. Now I've seen everything.


Karen said...

Congratulations Patch! Reminds me of when Gabe graduated from his pre-school. Nice times.

Lisa said...


patty said...

Be still my heart!