Monday, May 31, 2010

Patch's Choice

While Ginger slept, I took Mini-me and Patch on some errands. For those who read that first sentence and worried that I left Ginger home alone, relax. Curly was still here. We went to Target first, to pick up a new helmet for Mini-me, and a tee ball stand for Patch. Then we went to Needles and Pins to get the stabilizer I use for t-shirt quilts. While at the quilt shop, the kids played in a box of buttons. Patch found a penny. He tried to take it home. I explained that the penny didn't belong to him, but it belonged to Cindy, who owns the shop. I gave him is options: Choose the right and give it back, or make a bad choice and keep it. He looked down at the penny for a long time. Finally, with his head still down, he handed the penny to Cindy. He couldn't even look at her. When we got home, Patch got a new penny to put in his piggy bank. He also got a sticker for his chart. He only has 2 more left to earn. If he keeps making good choices, he'll earn it in no time.

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Anonymous said...

Good job, Patch!