Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

I had a good week -- I maintained my weight. I call it good because I didn't gain, and I ate cake. So, a good week. I woke up today with a renewed intensity and intentions for the upcoming week. I had a plan to exercise every day. Then I fell. I am convinced I am ranked high among the clumsiest people on the earth. I tripped over nothing but my feet. But I am now sporting a very scraped knee, a cut index finger, a possible broken pinkie, and a scraped and bruised shoulder. Long time readers might recall that this time last year I fell and twisted my ankle. I would much rather have a bruised left side than deal with a twisted ankle again.

So maybe tomorrow I'll work out. Or maybe I'll just concentrate on walking.


teamZ said...

Hope you recover quickly!

Lisa said...'s in your gene pool.

Anonymous said...


P. Hentermine said...

It is really great week as you take cake as sweet but there is no increment in weight.