Tuesday, February 02, 2010


I have the internet again! It's been a rough few days. Luckily I've had Ginger to entertain and enchant. I have yet to get a good shot of her grin, but trust me -- it's to die for!
It's snowing again. It's been years since it has snowed on top of snow. It's a wet snow, and the kids can hardly wait to get started on the snowman. I doubt we'll have school tomorrow, which would be fun. However, if we don't, it will be our 5th snow day. Any more after this, and they'll start taking away vacation days. That won't be so fun.


Anonymous said...

She is adorable -- look at those cheeks. I heard you had a 2 hr delay -- is that right? Roads are clear this morning, and I hear the big one is on the way Friday night. Oy.

jlk said...

We were on a 2 hour delay. It was a good choice. Friday may snow us in for weeks!