Saturday, February 06, 2010

Snowtorious B.I.G.

Care to sit down and have a meal? No? I don't blame you. 30+ inches of snow is not very welcoming.
The view down the side of our house. So much snow!

Aunt Beanie made snow ice cream with the kids. They thought it was delicious.

We took Ginger out. She enjoyed it. The snow is taller than she is!

Now we begin the great dig out. It will take days. And more snow is on the way next week. We have plenty of milk, bread, toilet paper, and fabric to last us a few more days at least!


Leslie said...

that is a incredible amount of snow....wish we were getting some of that in NY.

The Boys Mommy said...

How do you make snow ice cream? My boys would love that!!!! Will you post the recipe?

I probably won't make the WW mtg this will depend if Cullen has school. I probably won't venture out if he doesn't need to go.

Anonymous said...

Don't drop Ginger -- you won't find her until Spring!

Lisa said...

I think Ginger looks like Melly in that pic.

Chiloe said...

Cute pics !!!

PS: your mom is funny ;-)