Thursday, February 04, 2010

Boy Errands

With the birth of Ginger, Patch has been feeling a little out of sorts. BG (before Ginger), Patch didn't feel the need to cuddle or sit on laps. But, AG (after Ginger), he suddenly needed to sit on a lap, mine in particular, especially if already occupied by the baby.

Enter Curly with the best idea ever: Boy Errands. A Boy Errand is something only boys can do, and must be done on daddy's day off. For example, picking up shirts from the cleaners. Or looking for Redskins shirts at Target. Boy Errands always involve lunch, usually from the Scottish Restaurant. They also include something fun that 3-year-olds in particular enjoy.
On one Boy Errand, Curly and Patch went to the local hobby store that boasts a large race track. For a small fee, they rented a car and drove it around. The car went forwards, backwards, and raced at a pace of close to 40 miles per hour. Patch would like to have his birthday party here.
Another Boy Errand took the boys to the new bounce house in our local mall. They have about 8 large inflatables, plus several wii systems and a chess board that had pieces almost as big as Patch. This is ideal for a Boy Errand, because parents get in free and are allowed on the inflatables. Mommies are no fun at this. Patch would also like to have his birthday party here.
Boy Errands aren't all fun and games; they are educational. On Boy Errands, Patch learns to be nice to girls, and that it's his job to protect his sisters. He also learns that just because we have a new baby, doesn't mean his life is over.
The most important rule of Boy Errands is to not tell the girls in the family. Mini-me and Flower must have no idea of what happens while they are at school. So far, the secret is safe.


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Well, that is just the neatest thing for Curly and Patch. Warms my heart.

Rach said...

What a good idea. Noah was the one who went through a rough patch after both kids were born. I don't think adam really cared when lily was born. eventually they will be buddies.