Sunday, January 13, 2008


Last night, we went to dinner at this fabulous new restaurat, Quynn's Attic. It's only been open a few weeks, and there were some service issues (hello, how long does it take to fill a diet coke?), but the food was excellent. It was so fun to hang with our friends again. With Curly's shows, we don't get to see our friends together very often. I really look forward to weekends with no shows.

After dinner, we did one of my favorite things -- we went to the Peredni's house and played Wii. I am a guitar hero. I also rocked on the Mario 8 "shake the can" game. The rest of the games, I was not so good at. If I had a Wii of my own, I could practice and get better.


the highlight addict said...

Sounds like fun!

Life in Maryland said...

Thanks for hanging with us dorks! We had a blast! Now we just need to get you a guitar and two more controllers! :)

mlk said...

I hope this doesn't post twice ..I must have not entered the word code!!
But I said, I love the Wii....I am very bad it...esp Guitar Hero and DDR...but it doesn't stop me. It should but it doesn't!!