Thursday, January 10, 2008


Mini-me got into a little tussle at preschool yesterday. Apparently, someone was in her space, and instead of asking them to move, she hit them. The hardest part for me was that she had a substitute yesterday, so instead of her teacher who knows her and knows that Mini-me doesn't usually hit other kids, Mini-me has now been branded "the hitter" by Miss Arlene. We had a chat about hitting and alternative responses. I told her that she should say "Excuse me, you are sitting too close. Could you please move?" and she laughed at me. So, I offered "Teacher, can you get my friend to move?" and she liked that much better. It's much easier to tattle than to take care of it on your own (peacefully of course). It's also much easier to whack someone than it is to talk to them.

The weather is bipolar, just like Britney Spears. It is supposed to be cold and rainy tomorrow. It's okay, though. I have many projects ready to go. I just hope Patch naps as well tomorrow as he did today. He slept for nearly 3 hours. It was wonderful. A couple of months ago, I counted myself lucky if he slept a full hour. He's such a good boy now.


the highlight addict said...

As I read this post, I could picture you and Mini-me having that discussion.

I hope the talk you two had was successful and you have no more hitting!

Good luck with project day!

the highlight addict said...

Not that I pictured the day that Mini-me would hit someone in school--just the actual conversation that the two of you had. I can picture both of your facial expressions, as well!

Thought I better clarify there!