Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Morning Report

Last night we sang at another retirement home. The residents we sang to were not as independent as at the last place, which made Mini-me and Patch a little more apprehensive. Patch eventually warmed up, but oddly enough, Mini-me stayed shy.

After we sang, Curly took the kids home while I went out with a friend of mine, Colleen. She is a member of Towne Singers and part of my quilting group. She and I are so similar, it's scary. We met for the first time at Sisto's buying fabric, and had several of the same prints in our piles. We then found out our little girls are both petite, blond, drama queens. We drive the same car. We are both step-moms. We dye our hair blond. We love Glen Beck and are both conservative. We even have the same purse bought from a street vendor in NYC. Scary, no? So when I arrived home a couple of hours later than I intended, I apologized to Curly. He looked at me and said "You like to talk. Get you together with yourself, I can't even imagine."

Today we are off to NoVa to attend a baby shower for Jean. Following that, I get to have my Posh do tidied. Goodbye mousy roots.


Emily said...

Sounds like a fun day! Post pics of the tidied up Posh if you can!

JD said...

That would be scary to meet myself. I have one of those little blonde drama queens myself.

Kathy said...


How the heck are you!!! And OMHECK, JD is my little brother's wife! How randomly fantastic is that!

YAY!! finding out about your blog just made my day!!!

I'm totally adding you to my blogroll too!

And how cute are the code names you've picked for your fam!!