Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Valley Girl

Mini-me has become a Valley Girl, saying "like" every few sentences. I don't know where she picked it up, because like I rarely like say like. Like, you know? Actually, I think she picked it up from her preschool teacher.

When I came home Monday from my class, the kids were still in their pjs, but the house was very clean. They had a wonderful day with Daddy. They played basketball and wrestled. And picked up their junk from the living room. I had a very fun day not playing basketball, wrestling, or picking up junk. I swirled and twirled my lines and got very good at it by the end. Now I just need to practice more at home before I can quilt a quilt. I was very impressed by some of the gadgets these woman had. I definitely need to invest in a plexi-glass table, which slides around the machine base. It extends the sewing room on a machine. My machine was very basic next to the Berninas and other models of Vikings in the class. With the amount of quilting I do, I know I will have to upgrade in a few years.

Tonight we are going to try to head down to VA for the evening to visit Curly's dad. He is recovering from bypass surgery that he had yesterday. Everything went well, and he hopes to be home by the weekend. I offered to let him borrow Gracie, since dogs have a very calming effect on people and help the elderly get and stay healthy. For some reason, he declined my offer. Can't imagine why.

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the highlight addict said...

Well, like, at least Mini-me didn't come home like saying, like SWEAR words, like that would be so much worse! Like, you know?