Friday, January 11, 2008

When it Rains...

This morning, as I was gathering Patch's laundry, I heard Mini-me frantically crying "Mommy, Mommy! The toilet's getting bigger!!" I ran downstairs to see the toilet indeed getting bigger. Lots bigger. Into the living room bigger. What a mess. We quickly cleaned it up, and I tried not to think about what I was standing in.

It's raining today, and right now it looks like it's coming down really hard. Unfortunately, I cannot find our umbrellas. I have no idea where they are. Patch has his gymnastics class in about 20 minutes, but if I can't find the umbrellas, we can't go. He's very bored right now, so going would be better than not.

So now I am sitting here, listening to the hum of heaters and fans, which are being used to dry up any last mess. What a day to be out of Diet Coke.


Emily said...

Oh, no! What a morning...and it was only 9:48 AM! Did you find the umbrellas? I hope the day got better for you!

DanceNplay said...

Girl, a day without diet coke, is a day without oxygen in my pad! I feel you there.