Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Strong, Silent Type

Our house is full of noise. There is always someone who has broken into spontaneous song, much like a Broadway show. Frequently during the day, I close the lid on the piano, to try to lessen the temptation to bang, I mean play. I should be grateful, then, for my quiet little guy. Patch has very few words. He has something close to "daddy" and "kitty" and tells us to shush. He also likes to yell "Yeah!" But, that's as much as he does. Until tonight. He said "Nigh-nigh" when he wanted to go to bed, and then kept saying it all the way up the stairs. Yeah, he's pretty awesome. Especially since the request came at 6:00.

Yesterday at the retirement home, Patch was a complete charmer. During one of Bob's numbers, Patch walked up to the front and let out a loud "Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!" He was close to on pitch as well. That inspired a 90-year-old man (who was quite crotchety and told us his name was "unimportant") to join in on Lullaby of Broadway, singing "Let's call it a day!" as loud as he could at the end. Mini-me plopped herself down at a table with a cute couple. The woman grabbed my hand and told me over and over how cute my kids were. She said: "I mean it. I tell people when they have an ugly baby, but you are so lucky with your cute kids." After our little 45 minute show, which includes a sing-a-long, Patch waved good-bye and went to collect a little lovin' from the ladies. He gave everyone a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They melted. We love our gigs at retirement homes. We have another one coming up next week. Unfortunately, that one's at night. Since Patch likes to retire to his bed at 6, I'm not sure how he'll do at our 6:30 show. Maybe it's time to introduce him to Diet Coke...


Anonymous said...

What a great experience for all involved in the retirement home visit! I hope you'll be able to keep Patch up for the gig next week, as one little kid can light up a whole week for someone who isn't around children very much. And of course, the old folks are right: you DO have darling kids!
TUG (The Unprejudiced Grandma)

the highlight addict said...

They ARE darling!

I worked at a nursing home for a year, two things that really brightened the resident's day: children and music.

Great job, jlk and fam!

PZL said...

Loved that.