Saturday, January 13, 2007

You Could Waste Hours

You could waste hours on a site like this, where you paint your own little guy and watch it dance. It reminds me a lot of that old paint program that was on our first computer. You could paint a masterpiece with that.

Tonight Flower and Mini-me were fitted for their flower girl dresses for the Kiska wedding in May. The very gay Joey at David's Bridal gave them a little veil to wear, only he didn't call it a "little veil." I think he called it a "blusher." They looked so beautiful, and they knew it. Mini-me could hardly rip herself away from the mirrors. We wanted to try a variety of headbands, but she resisted each time we changed them. Every one was her favorite. They both danced like they were part of a Disney Princess movie. Curly had a little tear in his eye imagining the day we will go pick out wedding dresses for them. With how they acted at dinner later, that day is far far in the future. This will be Flower's 6th wedding she will be in. She's such a pro, I wonder if she'll grow up to be a wedding planner.

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