Monday, January 22, 2007

Project Update

I would post a picture here, but it would be the same picture as last week. There was no time to baste the quilt together. Basting usually takes me a couple of hours for a baby quilt, and it takes up a lot of space. So, I couldn't start it, then leave it and come back to it. Too much mess. Hopefully I can get to it this week.

Saturday was the start of the stitch-a-long at the cross stitch shop. We are doing Ezmeralda's House. I decided to do mine over one using one strand of floss. That makes in tiny. I think I am using 38 count linen, but I could be using 32. Can't remember. Everyone in the group is doing something a little different with theirs to make it unique. One woman is using bright purple linen, one woman is using what the pattern calls for, one is using green. You get the point. The colors are very muted, so I thought I would try it on black (it is for Halloween, after all). The colors really pop against the dark background. I need a lot of light, however, because the holes are so small and so dark. I suggested that we all finish in time and submit them to the county fair to be judged against each other. There are some talented stitchers in the group, so I would enjoy knowing I could beat them all. Just kidding! I would, however, like to know how the judges thought I stacked up.

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the highlight addict said...

Where have you been all week? Now I'm getting worried.