Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Is it "New Year" or "New Year's"? Well, whatever it is, I hope it's a great one for everyone. 2007 is my year, I can feel it. I have one resolution this year: to reclaim my house. I have been a lazy housekeeper for the past, well, since I've had a space to call my own. I do the minimum. I dust when it's really dusty, I vacuum when I can see dirt on the floor. Well, no more. You are all my witness. One day at a time, one room at a time, my house will no longer hold me hostage. I'm the boss. Who's your mama now? Here's the major catch: at no time is this blog entry to be taken out and held over my head. No fair trotting it out to win an argument, or prove a point. There will be no passive-agressive "So, who's winning? You or your house?" There will be times where resistance will be futile, but by gum, this time next year I hope to not make the same resolution!

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grandpatty said...

Way to go, girl. You're off to the races and I hope you are the big weener.