Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Patch has the stomach virus that has been going around. As we near the end of day 2, I find myself asking: How much poop can one kid have?? He is finally napping. The fear that everyone else in the house will also fall ill grips me. We may have to go into quarantine!

And now a note to Curly's brother Shane. It's okay that you won't be a pilot. I know we had dreams of "KiginAir" where you would fly us and Colleen would serve us drinks. It's hard that those dreams have ended. I think I'll be okay with time. Maybe instead they'll teach you how to pilot a boat and then you can start "Kigin Cruises." That would be fun. And maybe Colleen could still serve us drinks! Hope surgery goes well. We're thinking of you here.

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