Sunday, November 19, 2006

Something Different

Today we were teaching Mini-me about Thanksgiving. I said I was thankful for her, Flower, Patch, and Daddy. She said "I thank-ul for church." Such a sweet thing. This time of year has made me thankful for a lot of things. My family, my home, my belief in Christ, and my freedom, to name a few. It is in this spirit that I ask you to click here to say thank you to our troops. It just takes a moment. You can write your own message, or choose one of several that is already written. It doesn't matter if you support the war, or the President. That's not what this is about. This is about giving our gratitude to the thousands of men and women who defend our freedom.


grandpatty said...

What a nice idea. Thanks for making it easy to say "thanks".

the highlight addict said...

If Caleb ever made a comment like Mini-Me, I think I'd fall off my chair and then start crying! We battle it out each Sunday. He doesn't like his church shoes (no matter what), Primary, having to stay home the rest of the day or Sunday dinner (yes, you have rubbed off on me) I can honestly say there has been progress made over the past year, but it sure has been slow progress and Sundays are a very trying day for our family.