Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Jon Remember

The following is taken from a letter from my oldest brother, Jon. Hope he doesn't mind!

Who can forget the year when, with heavy hearts (and a grateful Grandma), we retired the esteemed jersey of Big Z? Or, how about the controversial sideline play when Matt did or did not step out of bounds? The image of Sam Anderson weaving his way through a porous defense as just a seven year old will not soon be lost to the ages. Nor will we forget the year when The Missionaries returned for another game. The tradition was passed to another generation when the Turkey Bowl was held at historic Harger Road field to show the great grandkids that despite their parents’ insistence, their fathers were not in shape. After playing, we always retreated to the comfort of 905 Red Fox Lane for the opportunity to get dressed up, eat ourselves silly, and fall asleep during a football game. Of course, the Turkey Bowl was more than a game, as we gathered for Bingo, then pie, then some turkey leftovers, then a little more pie, some Disney movies for the kids, and finally bed-time. Naturally, the Lee’s would wake up early the next morning to go to a gym in Elmhurst and begin the process of training for the next year’s game. There is no off-season from the Turkey Bowl.

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GrandPatty said...

To quote today's Mary Englebreit calendar: "Looking forward to things is half the pleasure of them." And the real fun is going to start for us in just a few hours. Let the feast begin!