Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Part 2

I opened up her backpack Monday morning and found the thing every stepmother dreads -- unfinished homework! Our little Flower told us she didn't have any homework. Whoops. She was able to complete it on the way to school. That's the one good thing about driving 35 minutes to school -- homework and other studying can be completed on the way there.

I had Jenny Craig this morning and did really well -- down nearly 2 more pounds. That makes 17 pounds so far. I have 22 pounds until my halfway weight. Yea!


GrandPatty said...

I was sure you'd find buried treasure or a dead animal in that back pack. Congrats on the weight loss. Did you see Kirsty Alley on Oprah? I forgot about it, but I read about it on AOL.

the highlight addict said...

Congrats on the continued Jenny Craig success! On a different subject, I'll have you know that I check your blog everyday that I get on the internet, which is at least 6 out of 7 days! I can't wait to see your hair on Thursday!