Monday, November 06, 2006

Boring Posts

The past few posts have been, well, boring. I'm bored writing them. I can imagine that all of cyberspace is bored reading them. On a related topic, I discovered this weekend that there are people who don't read my blog! There were people on Sunday who were shocked by my new hair. That's a dead giveaway of someone who isn't reading.

Since I can't fix the reading issue, I will try to rectify the boredom. Today I will post the first part of a story, then I will finish it tomorrow. Hopefully I can retain the readers I do have that way.

This morning began like most other mornings, with one slight difference: Daddy was home. Frederick County Schools are closed today for a teacher work day. The Flower had been with us all weekend (and a fun weekend it was). Curly woke her up and took her and Mini-me down for breakfast. Patch ate in his room, as usual. I went downstairs as the girls went back upstairs to change out of their pjs. I made Flower's lunch, put it in her lunchbox, and then went to put it in her bag. When I opened her bag, I discovered.....


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