Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Little Thought About School

Ginger was wearing just a onesie one morning (we're all about comfort here), and felt it needed a little something. So, she brought Curly his black belt and demanded it be "ON!" She felt so pretty.
Getting ready to ride horses in NC.

Several times in the past weeks, I have been referred to as one of "those" moms. It's meant to be an insult, as in, "Oh, you're one of those moms who looks forward to school starting." It's usually followed up with, "I just get so sad. I hate those hours where my kids are in school."
So, am I one of "those" moms? Guilty. I get so excited for the school year. I admit, I look forward to having some of my own time. But let's be honest: it's not like I'll have a lot of alone time. Ginger will still be around. I'll have some alone time when she naps, but she doesn't nap for very long. I get 2 hours if I'm lucky, but most days she naps for a little over an hour.

I mostly get excited about the school year because my kids are excited about it. They make new friends every year. They learn something new and exciting every day. I love seeing them grow and change. I love that when they go to school, the world opens up for them a little bit more.

I have also observed that my children take a cue from me on how they should act. If I am nervous, anxious, and unhappy about something, then that's how they'll be. Conversely, if I'm excited, expectant, and happy about something, then that's how they'll be. Case in point: when Mini-me first went to the dentist, I talked about how awesome the dentist is and how yummy the toothpaste tastes. She now loves going to the dentist.

I'm so excited for Monday. There's a lot of learnin' to be done.


losing my needles said...

yeah yeah yeah, mostly you're just excited that you will be down 2 kids for a good chunk of the day. I know, because I'm also one of "those" moms. (It's why we like each other so much!)

Lynn said...

I'm one of "those" moms too I guess. I just like cleaning something and having it stay clean for more than an hour.

Just have to share this little dentist story: My son was in 2nd grade and he had a Friday off from school. He was asking me what I had planned for Friday and I told him nothing other than a dentist appointment for him. His response was, "Ahhhh! A nice relaxing dentist appointment. Great!" He loves the dentist too. I'm not sure why because I don't, but I guess I've done a good job of hiding my dislike of the dentist from him.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of school -- I made it my career, you know. So good for you for conveying excitement. When Jon was about three I told him in an excited voice that we were going to the circus. His excited reply -- are we going to see the triangles, too? You can sell anything with the right inflection ;)(Mom - google and I still aren't speaking)

Rach said...

ya that's right! I better make the cut on why you could move here. We've had a fabulous few days at the beach and i've convinced myself that i never want to leave because i love it. damon even met us there on his lunch break! next time you come we should go to disney and i'm glad i'm the one that introduced you to palm trees!! love you tons. Hope we didn't scare curly off and we are totally wanting to stay at his parents house when we take the kids to DC.

pcflamingo said...

My sister and I grew up not being afraid of spiders or snakes or bugs, because our mom showed no fear of them. We didn't know they gave her the heebie jeebies until we were grown up!

Caren said...

I'm with you, chickie, I sent my firstborn to kindergarten today and wow! what a relief!! I'm so thrilled that I ONLY have 2 left in the house. I've been waiting for two years to take a NAP!!!! Hooray for school!!!! :)