Monday, August 01, 2011

A Great July

I had a very productive July, quilting wise. I can hardly believe it. My sewing room is nice and cool and July has been, well, hellishly hot. If August is more of the same, then I think we can expect even more finishes.

Just as a reminder here's what I did:

"Everything Nice" quilt for my Quilted Fish tutorial. It has become my favorite quilt. I have to admit to using another quilt last night. I was afraid it felt left out.
The quilt I made for Curly's cousin's daughter's wedding. I haven't named it. Perhaps I should. Maybe "Bridal Blues." You know, because it's blue. Not because she's sad. I would love suggestions in the comments, if you feel so inclined!


Leslie said...

what about "Something blue". You know, since it's a wedding gift...something borrowed, something blue,etc :) I love everything you create

Karen said...

I am hopeless when it comes to naming quilts so I don't have any clever suggestions for you. Not a good quilting buddy am I. Your quilts are simply beautiful.

Lisa said...

I like Leslie's idea! Beautiful quilts!