Monday, August 22, 2011

Is This Real Life?

It's our last week of summer vacation. Next Monday morning, I will raise my hands on the steps of the elementary school in a Rocky-esque celebration. But for this week, we're just trying to have the best last week of summer possible. Today the weather was beautiful. At about 3:00, the thermometer in my car declared a delightful 80* day. It's unheard of. In lieu of the pool, we visited two parks. Tomorrow it should be a little warmer, and a better day to bathe al fresco.

Also on tap this week is the last wedding quilt of the summer. Our good friend Eric is tying the knot and we are thrilled for him. We really like his fiance, who is now our friend, too, and she has the sweetest little girl. In this house we have a real soft spot for anyone who takes on an instant family. It ain't easy, ya know. When we had dinner with them last month, I noticed their new furniture coordinates really well with a stack of fat quarters I bought in Pittsburgh. It was meant to be. I'm using yet another pattern, my third, from Camille's book. I guess you can say that I really like this book. I have fabric ready to go for two other quilt. I love the book so much, I think I should marry it.

I also love palm trees. When I was little, I thought all palm trees had coconuts in them. Imagine my shock at age 18 when I finally saw some in real life and learned that I was wrong. It was such a hard lesson to learn and I have tried ever since then to never be wrong again.


Mama Pea said...

We are having beautiful weather here, too. Only in the 70s! Two more weeks before Elsa goes back to school. I will miss her. Not ready for her to be back in school.

Vonna said...

I've enjoyed seeing your picturs :)
I got to play Rocky last was fun ;)