Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Big 5

Can you believe it? He's 5. It's an important age. In just a few weeks, Patch is off to Kindergarten. He will leave me at 8 and not see me again until 2:50. He will eat his lunch without his mommy. I don't know how I will survive it.
Patch has a hollow leg. I know this because he is always hungry. Either that, or he's hungry because he's always in motion. He has some great observations about life, so I'm not so sure that he's just a jock. I think there might be a nerd waiting to burst forward.
Patch loves to dress up. He insists on wearing a tie to church. He really doesn't like it that I make him put it in his vest. He thinks it looks best on the outside of his vest. He has a point. If it's on the outside, everyone can see it.
One thing is for certain, our family is a lot more colorful and fun with Patch around. Whether he's making up future movie plots for his beloved Cars, playing with his Lego guys, or just bugging his sisters, he does it all in style.
Momma loves you, Patch! Even if you can't be 4 for another year.


Lisa said...

Little boys are such treasures. Happy Birthday, Patch!

Staci said...

What fun photos!
5 is a wonderful age! I enjoyed both my children so much when they were 5. I teach the 5 years olds at church on Sunday, and have for several years. Every week is an adventure with them, and you learn such interesting things. For instance, one little girl was explaining to me how she went to the dentist and he gave her banana juice so her cheek would go to sleep so they could pull her tooth.

Jackie said...

OH, it is so hard to see them off, my heart is with you!

Karen said...

Happy 5th Birthday Patch! Good luck with school.