Friday, July 22, 2011

Breaking News

Because Amanda is the bomb.

Because my computer is broken. Just like everything else that could possibly break in this house. Just put it on my tab.

Because I had to drive through a thunderstorm with cloud to ground lightning all around me and broken tree branches in the road in order to pick up Flower today.

Because I am so beautiful.

Because Elmo is the best babysitter ever.

Because it got to 106 today, but felt like 122.

Because I still have a toilet on my back deck and a fridge in my living room.

Because Mini-me spread her sickness across 3 states.

My tutorial will be next week.

Here's what we'll be tuting on:

That is all.


Jackie said...

It looks gorgeous!!!!

Brooke said...

Can't wait!!

Hang in there ;0

Mommarock said...

It is just SOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!! HOT HOT!! Looking forward to your tutorial!

patty said...

I love typhoid Molly despite being the recpient of her germs.

Karen said...

Can't wait Jana. It looks wonderful.