Monday, July 25, 2011

The Pool

Our favorite summer activity is going to the pool. It's really awesome. Ginger is in and out, out then in. In this picture, she's making the mermaids "go nigh-nighs." There was lots of adjusting and kisses.
Mini-me passed the diving board test this summer. Her favorite part of the pool is the deep end. She has a pre-dive routine where she stands at the end of the board with the ladder and shakes each leg. She saw a big kid do it, and now does it every. single. time. Then, she just jumps off the end. She wanted me to take a picture of her practicing her dive, so here it is.
Patch is nonstop motion at the pool, as he is in real life. I love this picture because you can see every single muscle in motion.
Care to join us for a dip?


Brooke said...

Looks grand! Reminds me of our pool days in York - so much fun!!

Jackie said...

OMG, the shaking each leg at the end of the diving board is just too cute... I used to do that every time before I stepped onto the block before a race... every.single.time=)

patty said...

When it comes to swimming in the summer, Mini-me is truly Mini-you. Not sure you had the same pre-dive routine, but you sure liked to hang out around the board.

Karen said...

There isn't much better than having a swim on a hot day. Its so refreshing and cooling. Great action photos & great memories.

Lisa said...

Mothers who love going to the swimming pool will inherit the Celestial Kingdom.