Monday, May 16, 2011

I Didn't Go

This past weekend was International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City. I tried to convince Curly that it was a medical necessity for me to go, but he didn't believe me. Other members of The A Team were there. So was my Hanging Chair Sign. Candice has some great posts with photos that will make you wish you were there. 14 hours on your feet a day for 4 days? Sign me up! Sally also has some pictures on her blog. Julie was there, too, but she only has one picture. I hope she takes the hint and posts some more!

I have started saving up for Houston in the fall. Amanda needs me. So far I have $3.27. How much are plane tickets again?


patty said...

Get yourself one of those credit cards that gives you miles and buy your groceries that way. Perhaps your birthday could become a "Fund for Houston" holiday.

Mama Pea said...

You are too funny. You have more money than I saved. It's not getting there I'm worried about, it's having to mortgage the house for everything I'll want to buy while I'm there! LOL!

Jackie said...

Ok, you are by far the funniest A team girl! You just have me crackin' up. k, we need to have an A team email and see who is going to houston! I noticed on the IQA site hotels with prices for quilters and even airlines give a discount to go to market.