Saturday, October 23, 2010


One year ago, we potty trained. I am so glad we're not doing that this year.
I forgot to be grateful yesterday. Oops. In the spirit of not overwhelming myself (too late, I already did), I am not going to play catch up. I am going to start anew today.

I have cut some cute aprons today for the Nov. 13 show (are you coming?) and hope to sew them tonight. I didn't get to watch White Christmas last night. I learned early on in life that you don't come between a man and his remote. We'll see if Curly is more willing to share tonight. I would just watch it upstairs, but our DVD player isn't working. I don't want to buy a new one because I'd rather get a Blue Ray for downstairs and move the DVD player upstairs. But, having a high-def movie system makes no sense with a 15 year old TV. So, I think we need a flat screen. This is now very expensive, so we'll just make do with what we've got. Again I ask, are you coming?

Today's Gratitude: The sun is shining and Ginger's second top tooth is almost through the gums. My gratitude will increase when it actually comes through.

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way to go.