Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday? Again?!

I cannot believe it is already Friday. And it's October to boot! While I am busy playing with the loveliness that is Kate Spain and Basic Grey, I thought I would share some photos. Oh, what am I doing with this fabric? I am making Christmas table toppers to sell at the November 13 craft fair at the Vienna Community Center. Thanks for asking!
My kids enjoy getting their face painted and then eating chicken nuggets on the curb. This was taken at our favorite festival, In the Street. Usually it's held the first Saturday in October, but this year it was in September. It was awesome.
Giant turkey leg, anyone? Flower may look slight, but she can sure put it away! She opted out of the face painting and instead got a Redskins tattoo on her arm.
When I was in elementary school, I had an obsession with jelly bracelets. Mini-me is similarly obsessed with silly bands. I haven't seen her wrist in a month.
This was one of Patch's favorite rides at the fair. He is not craughing, he is full on laughing. He did this ride twice.

This is what happens to Ginger a lot. She falls asleep wherever we are. It's almost nap time, so I need to go put her in her crib, take a shower, and then get to work. Christmas table toppers do not make themselves, you know.


Leslie said...

this is a great bunch of fabric. this fair looks so fun...i love the face painting they had done.

Karen said...

Looks like a great time was had be all. Nice bunch of fabrics you have there. Did you get to sew?

Anonymous said...

keep sewing, keep sewing, keep sewing...